Sofía’s peach

A few years ago, Sofía found a peach pit in the garden (probably from our own compost.) She begged me if she could plant it and I said sure… thinking of course the thing wasn’t going to grow. I explained to her that even if it did grow and give fruit, that fruit grown from seeds half the time aren’t very good because of the way pollination works. Welllllll…..

For the past 3-5 years it’s just been the scrawniest, skinniest little peach stick you ever saw. Sofía is still posessive of it, still thinks of it as hers. She’ll take tiny little kid shovelfuls of mulch over to it when she sees me mulching around the bigger fruit trees (they’re so cute, her tiny little ineffective teacup-sized mulch heaps, but she’s so proud). If I’m going out with my probiotic spray for the orchard (neem oil, probiotics, kelp extract, etc) she may beg a little spray bottle of her own, just for this tree. She’s more interested in it than her annuals, for sure.

And now this year.


For the first time, two blooms, just as big and pretty as you please. Sofía was squealing with delight.

And now that there’s absolutely no way we could ever get rid of the thing, I’m coming around to the possibilities presented by a seed-grown native peach. It’s proved hardy through all our kinds of weather and hasn’t hardly suffered from any pest damage despite near complete neglect. It’s in one of the wettest spots of the garden and also one of the shadiest, and yet it’s not only survived but is now blooming and seems very healthy, if still very small, with no fertilizer or any of the inputs/protections that the other trees get.

We’ll let it set fruit and see what happens – I’m very excited to taste it if we can get it before the damn squirrels and coons do! Even if it’s not the most tastiest fruit out there, though – a small peach that can produce in shade and doesn’t mind wet feet? Sounds pretty unusual and promising to me!

I’ll tell you what, though: I’ll be paying a lot more attention to it on my mulching and fertilizing schedule from now on.

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