I was very productive. Not only did I get half a ball of yarn knitted into a Christmas project I’m working on (six more to go), but I made the last of our roast chicken into more than twenty enchiladas with homemade chile-tomato sauce. Those should last us for a while, at least. :)

Later, I made soap:

These are my first soaps ever, an easy recipe where you melt a bar of pure castile soap base and add oils, botanicals, and fragrances to it. (Or rather, what would have been an easy recipe if the darn stuff would ever melt!) I made two batches in two different ways. The first I mixed the oils in with the water at the beginning, and is spiced with nutmeg and cloves and allspice. The second has the oils mixed in at the end, and is filled with fresh lemon zest from my very own lemon tree. It would have been a lovely thick consistency, but I added in some vanilla extract at the end, not remembering that it’s 35% alcohol… so it got thinned down. Disappointing, but perhaps not the end of the world. Unfortunately none of them smell exceptional, since I have no fragrance oils. I molded them in muffin tins; tomorrow we’ll see if they set up (and if I can get them out again)!

I also got some work done on the cabinets! All that’s left to do is the filler strip in the middle and the patching, sanding, and painting of the walls.

And… unfortunately, after all my denial, it turns out Josh was totally right about the doors hitting the light fixture I installed. So I’m going to have to a) get another kind of light fixture, or b) move that fixture back to another ceiling box I’ll have to install (-sigh-). All that work for nothing. :(

At least we can start loading up the cabinets now, getting rid of that huge pile of foodstuffs in the middle of the kitchen floor! -laugh-

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