Also in bloom

Some shots of what’s in bloom right now:

My “Cheddar Pinks” dianthus, potted with my patio blueberry. Actually a volunteer sport from the one (which did not come back this year) under my Gloire de Dijon climbing rose*. It is so incredibly fragrant that the entire patio smells deliciously of nutmegish deliciousness. I have to confess myself not a fan of pink, but I will be planting reams of these at our next house just for the smell, their well-behaved habit, and their neat silver foliage.

My “Ice Blue” clematis. This was supposed to twine around my peach Abraham Darby rose, but thus far it is weeny. Pretty, though I don’t like it nearly as much as I loved the vibrant deep purple-blue of the Daniel Deronda I had before. That the thrice-cursed voles DESTROYED. (grr.)

* The Gloire de Dijon is, as advertised, a beautifully fragrant rose with palm-sized old-fashioned pink blossoms. It is also terribly susceptible to black spot and, I fear, not long for this world. I recommend it highly to all those anal organized gardeners who would actually remember to spray weekly.

4 Responses to “Also in bloom”

  1. Jeff in Seattle Says:

    hey I think you posted a question about Cat Pee smell when you open your upstairs windows? I have the same problem, almost exactly the same problem. It is driving me crazy, we don’t have cats, cats are peeing out side of the window. Is seems the smell comes from inside the room when the windows are open. Did you figure it out, I hope you did? let me know either way please.


  2. Jeff in Seattle Says:

    BTW, you have a very killer blog.

  3. diana Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    We never did figure it out, though spraying the screen regularly with natural cleansers seems to help. It’s just that one (second story) window, so who knows?

  4. Jeff in Seattle Says:

    You could pitch the screen I suppose. I saw some rat poop in the attic, so I will start there. Our screens smell fine, when the window is open it creates a draft that pulls the odor out of where ever it is located. Thanks responding.

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