Beach house #1 – Intro

Well, Josh and I went and started another grand adventure together this Spring. This time, it’s something I’ve wanted to do my entire life: a whole-house rehab. And when I say I’ve wanted to do this my entire life, I really do mean my entire life – in my family it’s been a running joke for as long as I can remember that every falling-down wreck of an old house that we pass, everyone sings out, “There’s Diana’s hotel!” because when I was little I always imagined taking those unloved derelicts and bringing them back to life as fancy hotels. I remember one particular windowless hulk that I dreamed about lining with red carpets and outfitting with purple towels. (Don’t judge, I was seven.)

Well, now I have a dump of my very own. Enter the Beach House.


I’d spent the last few months interested in the potentials of rental properties. It seems to be a pretty straightforward way to get a good return on investment, and safer than the stock market. Josh and I decided it was the route we wanted to pursue, but, well, we didn’t have a lot of capital. We couldn’t afford the houses that were already liveable. This one, though… well, it was borderline. It seemed like with a bit of love – ok, a lot of love – and some patience and a lot of sweat, we could bring it around and make it shine. Or at least make it decent.

The neighborhood’s fantastic, there’s a little private beach at the end of the block, it’s surrounded by homes in the 300-900K range – this is a good little property. And this is the view off the front porch:

waterview 1

Right across from the private community boat ramp. Water-front ish. For a decidedly non-waterfront price.

So we bought this little diamond in the rough back in May with a lot of help from my parents and rolled up our sleeves.

The surprises were about to begin, and I’m going to try to document them all right here. Wanna join me on this roller coaster?

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