Beach house #2 – It ain’t so bad… right?

“Before” pictures from the listing and our various walkthroughs:

Entrance. Windows look out onto water. Hardwood floors can be refinished. Newish coat closet; panelling can be painted over and it will look fine. Maybe the front door could be refinished to look retro-chic instead of just dated. I toss around the idea of putting stained glass house numbers in each of the door’s lites.


Nice big living area. Hardwoods throughout. Charming ceiling beams. Panelling can be painted. New windows needed, painting, cosmetic stuff.


Bathroom: The newest-looking room in the house. Maybe switch out the vanity, update the mirror and lighting, add a fan, and that’s it.


Kitchen: gut job, but nothing I haven’t done before. The sink doesn’t even actually empty into a drain, and there is a forest growing under there. The mold under there lost us our original, conventional financing. (Which actually turned out to be  a Very Good Thing – you’ll see why later).


Bedroom 1: pretty good shape. Needs cosmetics and windows.

bed1 a

Bedroom 2: Not such great shape. Water damage on the floors, broken window, but nothing too difficult to repair.

bed 2 a

bedroom2 flooring

Front porch: ugly and outdated, but the fan and ceilings are fine. Lay down decking over the strange, really poor tile job, replace the old posts, get rid of the scalloped stuff.



We knew it would need new electrical service, new roof & gutters, new HVAC system (there was never any AC and the oil furnace was from 1950 and broken), new windows (only 4 of 14 would open) and a bunch of aesthetics: siding, painting, new kitchen, etc. It was a lot, but the rents in the area are good and the math all worked out beautifully. It all seemed like something I could tackle just fine if Josh and I worked together, and if I acted as my own general contractor to sub out the big jobs.

And that’s turned out to be mostly true.

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