Beach house #5 – Guess we can’t keep that bathroom after all. Or that room. Or that one.

Well, so much for the bathroom. Sigh.


This is how bad the termites were in the bedroom/bathroom wall I discovered via the closet:

termites closet 5

Once they took off the drywall, the wall crumbled to pieces. See the door header on the right of that picture above? That’s a hole right through to the other room. And that fairly newish  horizontal half-stud there is evidence that whoever did this work knew about this damage and just drywalled right over it.

Another shot of the “shot” header, before they took the drywall down on the other side. That brown spot on the top right is the cardboard backing of the bedroom’s drywall.

termites closet 4

Once we realized we would have to wait on someone to come shore up and tear out the termite-ridden wall, we started work demoing the kitchen. Josh did some amazing he-man-type work  – which I loved because I HATE demo! – and got all the cabinets torn out in half a day. And then we started work on the walls.

Oh. Shoot.

termites josh demo

Except again, I didn’t say shoot.

And then here too:

termites kitchen

UGH. These people let leaks go for years. (Luckily, this damage is directly under the window that I was itching to reframe anyway!)

Once I knew that the termite damage wasn’t isolated to the bathroom,
we were going to have to peel back every wall. I couldn’t chance there being another nasty and dangerous infestation somewhere else – I couldn’t risk not knowing! So I asked the guys that were over there doing the bathroom, to do the rest of the house as well. Suddenly this had gone from a new-paint-and-cabinets job, to a down-to-the-studs, total-gut-job.

Don’t worry, it does get better. Eventually. :)

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