Beach house #9 – looking forward

Good news – I got my building permit!

It’s a big relief. I’ve never gone through the process before. But I was in and out in under an hour and they had an answer for me within a few business days. Easy! (Good thing, too, since we had to start demo already).

Here’s the original floorplan. A dear friend and great designer volunteered to make it up for me as a kind of goodbye present before she left for California (sad, sad, sigh, but I don’t blame her).

493 Riverside plans ORIGINAL kitchen

And here’s my proposed:


Moving Bedroom #2’s door down into its current closet gives us enough space to add a second full bathroom, which adds tons of value to this project. (And at this point, having spent much more than we’d thought already, improving the house’s underlying value is more important than ever. If anything goes wrong, we want to be able to sell it and not lose money).

I opened up Bedroom #1’s closet into Bedroom #2 instead, and Bedroom #1 gets a new closet built from scratch. Now the two bedrooms are of equal size.

Also note the kitchen move, which frees up that old kitchen area to become a TV, dining room, or third bedroom. I’m going to put French doors in the opening and finishing the framing on the back porch (the owner framed in the sides but left the back open) would make a great laundry room or walk in closet.

The kitchen now looks out onto the water but does not obstruct the view. The kitchen will be open-concept and include a breakfast bar with pendant lighting which ties it in with the rest of the living space.

I’ve fallen in love with the potential in this little shack and I can’t wait to make it utterly beautiful again. Even if we don’t live in it ourselves at first, Josh and I are planning on “downsizing” there after the kids move out. Some day, it will be a really darling little cottage.

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