Beach house #10 – progress

We can’t do anything structural to the house until the sill plates have been changed out (can’t build a strong wall on a crumbling foundation after all). So I’ve been casting about for other projects to do so I’m not just spinning my wheels, and I’ve started on the bedroom closets.

I’m terrible at remembering to take before photos. At least here you can see some of Bedroom #2’s closet, where the new doorway will be once we can reframe that missing wall.


Suffice to say there were tons more framing shenanigans and there will have to be a lot more demo than I had hoped. Still, it’s worth it to know it’s really done the right way.

First I framed in the original Bedroom #1 closet opening:

framingfixed 4

And then I built a new one!

bed1 closeta

I had to cut off part of that decorative (empty box) ceiling beam in order to expand the wall out into a closet. Turned out to be a good thing, because on the other side I’m doing the opposite move and I will be left with a ceiling beam that ends 2 feet out from the wall. So this chunk will be just perfect for patching that one.

Now for the other side. I’d hoped I would only have to make an opening in it, but it was not built right to begin with (it was built from 2x2s and moulding strips) so it has to be torn out first. Luckily these closets were put in after the hardwoods, so I don’t have to do any significant floor patching. Just nail hole filling. Lots and lots of nail hole filling.


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