Beach house #11 – Peeling back more layers

We had been thinking to keep the kitchen floor and build a new one over it, but since we’re doing everything the right way I decided to just go ahead and rip it out. I also wanted to assess the condition of the subfloor, knowing already that there¬†were a couple small rotten patches around the old termite damage areas.

I thought it’d take about an hour.

kitchen gutted

Five hours and five layers (should have known!) later:


It’s only about as bad as I’d thought, thank goodness, and easy enough to fix. I did almost fall through to the basement on one weak board, soooooooo… the sooner the better.

One cool thing about tearing out the floor(s) is that now there’s room to install hardwood floors and integrate them with the rest of the house. I’m planning on using reclaimed oak planks from Second Chance – both economical and environmentally friendly! Since we have to refinish all the floors anyway, it won’t be that big a deal to have to do one more room. Totally worth it for the aesthetic continuity throughout all rooms.

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