Beach house #12 – The face-lift has begun.

Remember the front porch that was here when we bought the place?


I love that there is a front porch on this house – I just don’t like the front porch itself. It must have been super cute back when it was first built. But it dates the house, and all the posts were rotted out at the bottom. The porch roof was pretty much just floating.

I had really, really really wanted to wait until everything else was done before we did the porch, like a final TA-DA! sort of thing. But with the waiting and waiting on the sill plate stuff, there’s nothing I can really do inside the house. I had to do something so that I wasn’t just wasting time – so porch demo began.


It only took them a day to completely demo and replace all the posts. And I was so glad we had. The damage was so much worse than I had thought:


These posts – this one was the worst one – were just gone. Luckily the termites didn’t get all the way up to the ceiling!!!

New 4x4s in place, pressure treated this time:


They sure look skinny right now but I’m going to beef them up and stain them cedar.

Before/after views of the front porch:

porch2 IMG_20170711_172941

I’m probably going to end up laying a deck over those tiles because they’re so uneven. And it bothers me that the front of the porch is only 2″ lower than the rest of it. I think a nice cedar-stained deck matching the porch columns could look really nice. Even if it’s more than I’d wanted to spend.

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