Beach house #16 – The face-lift continues

My parents were here for the last two weeks and…. did we take a vacation like a normal family? Sit around, go on car trips, go to museums, eat a lot of junk food? Well, there was some of that. I’m not a slave-driver. But (luckily for me) my family is just as crazy as I am. My dad the architect and my mom rehabbed the house I grew up in, taking it from little more than a shell (really a tear-down) to a house worth way more than I’ll ever be able to afford. So they got here and got right to work!

The first thing we did was start to build the false beam across the front. One was a beam 10’5″ long, and the second beam would be only 5’5″. We were thinking of attaching an actual 4×4 beam onto the existing beam and then cladding it, but in the end we decided that it would be easier – and lighter! – just to build a hollow false beam instead.


Dauntless Daddy!

We searched and searched for about two hours through every single cedar board at Lowe’s. We found some very nice boards, but even the best ones were cupped and a bit warped and some were more than 1/4″ different in width from each other! So we had some difficulties building what should have been a very simple box. But thanks to a friend’s nail gun – THANK YOU KEVIN – and an hour or two of my dad’s sanding and patient measuring, and some cool borrowed cabinet-maker-type clamps from a neighbor who seems really eager to help us move this project along (har, har) – we finally got it done!!!





That beam is really going to help visually balance out the whole porch when it’s done.

And boy am I glad to have had help!

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