Beach house #18 – sorry daddy

Unfortunately, we used up most of my parents’ stay before we got around to doing the deck, so we didn’t get to finish before they left. They got to see it almost done though.


We laid down a few boards to figure out where we’d start running them and what to square them up to (not one line in this whole house is actually square, so you have to choose. I chose the door lintel, so that when you’re looking out, or approaching the door, the boards will look square.)

I spent most of the day finishing up the details. Angle brackets that needed extra concrete screws in them and blocking to keep things from wiggling. I also painted copper wood preservative over every cut end before fastening it in place. In addition to concrete anchors, 3″ galvanized nails, plentiful brackets, and tons of decking screws, we ended up using big blops of adhesive (not a continuous line that might trap water) every couple feet underneath each and every strip, shim, and board. This porch is pretty darn solid!


Right before we left my dad screwed down the very first board and we laid some more down next to it so he could see what it would look like.


I’m sad he won’t get to stand on the thing he worked so hard for.

View from the front door:


Starting to get to the exciting part!

2 Responses to “Beach house #18 – sorry daddy”

  1. Toni Says:

    You are amazing!

  2. Kathi Says:

    OMG, you are just amazing!!!! Well, more than just amazing! I can think of more words, but some might think I am swearing! I have loved, loved, loved, reading about this huge project! OMG!!!!! Now, I realize it was a good thing that David was gone for part of the time your parents were here, we would have kept you guys from getting some amazing things done on your beach house!
    I sure do know the best person to call when we are stumped or just want to learn how to do rehab! You are just an incredibly talented woman (well, I really did know that already, but now!!!!!). Love, love, love this project and will keep reading!

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