Beach house #19 – Foundations

Looks like the foundation and sill plate guys are nearly done! It’s been slow primarily because they have to lay 7 sections, and get their work inspected prior to and after each concrete pour, which can take days (or even a whole week if lines get crossed and no one arrives to let the inspector in).

But nearly every sill plate section is done except one!


Oh boy does that look better than before (well, before was mostly just sawdust).

And there are real headers on the doors now!

Before, saggy and termite-hollow and yet -gulp!- supporting two floor joists:


After: fancy expensive steel lintel! Yay!



Moar steel header! Yay!


And (once I got them to come back and flip that header the correct way) – a framed basement window! Yay!


They also got several floor joists yanked and replaced. Hopefully all they have to do next is replace that last bit of sill plate and then they can rebuilt the missing structural wall that’s holding back the ENTIRE FREAKING PROJECT.

think this means that because the house won’t be shifting while being jacked up over and over, that I can get the window guy to come in next. (the last bit is in the center of the house, not the edges where the windows are). Good thing too, my windows have been ready for a week! (well, except for this basement window, which I couldn’t order until I knew the final dimensions of the framing).

Progress… we’re finally back at square one!

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