A thing of beauty… almost!

I’ve gotten the light in, and working on the first try! Its effect on the kitchen lighting is tremendous; it’s hard to imagine how we worked in there before.

The lower track of the old aluminum doors was fairly stubborn, but I finally got it out after I bought a chisel and was firm with the hammer. It actually ripped up big chunks of the vinyl tile it was glued to. I guess this means we’re definitely getting the kitchen floor replaced at some point. -laugh-

The drywall is taped and patched and spackled; next come the multiple sandings and respacklings. Then I prime everything, and then comes the terra cotta paint.

Josh will be home in ten days, so I doubt I’ll have gotten the cabinets in – and up – by then, but at least he’ll have a darn handsome empty closet. -grin-

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