Beach house #22 – thinking in color

Went and bought my first can of accent color from Lowe’s last weekend. It’s called “Amalfi” and it took me literally 2.5 seconds to pick it out and decide that it was The One.


(Yes, I know the paint chip on the wood is called “Blue Nile” – the paint lady stole my chip and it may have been the last one because this was the closest substitute I could find! It’s pretty close. Just go with me here.)

I laid it on a serendipitously-placed display of Olympic stains. I had been planning to use Cedar Naturaltone¬†(upper left) and what did I buy all those real¬†cedar boards for if not to, you know, look like cedar? …But now I’ve kind of fallen in love with the two warmer stains on the right. Particularly the upper right. What do you think?



I just noticed that the ones on the right are BOTH labelled “Redwood Naturaltone”… ha! Guess maybe I don’t have to decide after all?

One Response to “Beach house #22 – thinking in color”

  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    Love those colors on the right! It’s gonna be so lovely when you’re done!! <3

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