Beach house #24 – Putting in the windows!

Finally, we’re back to square one on the termite and basic structural issues. Back to where we thought we were starting… all the way back in MAY! Sigh.

The neighbors must be wondering what’s going on inside. Months of activity with no visible difference, nothing since we took down the old front porch. Remember it?


Roof, porch, windows, siding, and landscaping. When those things are all done the house will look finished. At least on the outside.

A couple days ago we started the next step – new windows!

A lot of the windows had to be reframed first though. This kitchen window was so termite/water damaged (must have been a leaky window) that the entire wall under it was sawdust. All the way into the bottom plate and into the subfloor. All that had to be replaced.

Kitchen before:


Kitchen after we ripped down the six layers of drywall and particleboard on the walls:

termites kitchen


Aaaand kitchen now, after replacing more than half the subfloor and reframing that window. I also made it twice as big, since this room has only one window. Or rather, I pointed my very capable carpenter Carlos at it and asked him to do it for me.


So much more light in here! And now the building doesn’t look like it’s squinting from the outside. Behold!







Speaking of squinting, the front of the house had always bothered me. The previous owner got the windows from a junkyard and just made the openings to fit whatever he had. Resourceful, and I approve of recycling. Buuuuut the one-eyed look was going to bother me forever and it had to go. I asked Carlos to raise the header and installed windows that matched as much as they could, without me having to deal with moving electric lines and such during reframing.

Bye bye single teeny runty window…


Hello, handsome twins!


The angle of this photo isn’t great, but please trust me that it’s a vast improvement. We didn’t get everything done in one day since reframing took up so much time, so the rest of the windows had to wait.

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