Beach house #27 – Naked

Did I mention that my carpenter is great?

Everyone in rehab seems to complain about the difficulty of finding good contractors. They don’t show up, they don’t finish jobs, or they don’t do the work right… I’ve been very lucky. I found my guy pretty soon into the project. He works weekends and shows up when he says he will, and boy, talk about a motivated worker. For instance, I mentioned that it would be so nice if I didn’t have to side over the old cement shingles.

See how they are sort of dimensional? I’d been warned that not only might that ripple sort of echo through to the new siding, but since they’re so brittle, they would likely shatter under the impact of a thousand screws and form bulges behind the new siding.

So I mentioned that I wished I could have gotten rid of them, but that the siding company would have charged me like $2,000 or more. The next day I showed up and…



One day.


What an incredible difference! And – we should have guessed it – there’s two more layers of siding under there. Ha! Oh well – at least it’s waterproofed. And it’s going to need to be for a while, because what did I do?

As soon as we’d gotten back to a point where we could start getting this place all wrapped up, I had to go and get IDEAS. Big ideas that changed the whole floorplan and required new permit submittal. So now… again…. we wait.

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