Beach house #28 – New plans

So I mentioned that I’d come up with some new ideas? Well, when I was trying to fix some of the framing on the half-finished back porch, my carpenter asked why I didn’t put the second bath back there instead of in the house.


I’d had that thought before, but somehow it slipped through the cracks. So he got me thinking again. Why not? Now that absolutely all the plumbing in the entire house has to be redone from scratch (even the waste pipe crumbled), there’s no real limit to design… except the permit department. Since this porch is not fully finished, my finishing it off counts as making it an “addition.” Which, since we’re so close to the water, means review after review, even though we’re not changing the footprint of the house at all. It’s ridiculous and stupid and I’d been avoiding it.

Buuuuut… Look how much more sense the floorplan looks after taking advantage of that space.

bathroom 2

Not only do we gain a pantry and a laundry room where the second bath was going to be, but there’s even room left over for a cozy little office off of the living room, with its own separate entrance and everything. Perfect.

I tried to work up alternate plans with the exit going off the other way, with the thought that eventually we could build a little deck out back, someplace completely private. There’s a nice big tree back there and I think ferns, hostas and the like would grow really well. But due to code regulations about minimum bathroom spacing, this was the best I could come up with:

bath 3

It’s a bit awkward. Doesn’t flow as well. And the bathroom is cramped, as well.

So I just went ahead and bit the bullet and submitted a permit revision for the first one instead, and we’ll hear back in ten business days. Ugh.

In the mean time, the house is sitting there with only the old deteriorated asphalt siding and a couple layers of tar paper between it and the weather. I can’t get the siders in here until all the outside is as it will be permanently. And clearly, that would mean having the porch finished. And I can’t finish the porch until I get the permit. Soooooooo once again it’s waiting time.

What I can do is work a bit on the flooring. And the building inspector I called this morning said I can go ahead and get electrical and plumbing in there too – though I’m not sure I want to until I’m sure I’m going to get the permit revision approved. Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait!

2 Responses to “Beach house #28 – New plans”

  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    So… have you heard back yet?!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I did…. It was denied. :( I’m so bummed.

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