Beach house #29 – Awning

One tiny project that I can do while I wait is make an awning for the basement door. See how flat the face is?


There’s no access from the inside of the house, so the basement door is kept locked. Which means that every time it rains and you want to access the basement, you’re stuck with rain pouring off the edge of the roof onto your head while you squint at your keys in the dark. The gutters will help with that a bit once we get them up, but there’s still not a protected place to stand. I want to erect a little roof.

I’m no good at visualizing though, so I drew up two different styles on my computer.

A gable-roof style:

gable roof

And a shed-roof style.

shed roof

I want slopes and angles of the awning to match the existing roof so it really looks like it fits in with the rest of the house. So in these mockups I copied the actual gable end of the house. Fiddling around with a bit of Photoshop magic let me scale it so that it fit onto the basement wall. The shed roof is actually a cut-and-pasted and shrunk piece of the roof in order to keep the correct slope. Not sure how I’m actually going to execute that in wood, though…

shed roof small gable roof small

Now I just have to make a decision. Which I really suck at.

I’m leaning toward the shed roof style. I feel like the gable roof sort of looks…. dinky? And I don’t want the door to look too important either, like a separate entrance. It’s just a basement door after all.


3 Responses to “Beach house #29 – Awning”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Yes, I have thoughts. Gable all the way.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Boo, I ended up deciding shed style. It is so much easier and I do want it to look original to the house so I don’t get in trouble. Julie – thanks for that good point – I’ll have to put a gutter along the edge to catch the drips!

  3. Julie C Kilbride Says:

    I initially thought gable, but I am now thinking shed because it matches the porch style better. Actually, I changed my mind. Must be gable. Otherwise all the water is just dripping on your head when you approach or leave the door. Shed defeats the purpose entirely!

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