Beach house #30 – Awning begun

I got up bright and early today. I really did! And I had planned to go ahead and start work. But then … well, Sofía volunteered to make breakfast, and I had a really good book, and Josh made me some very lovely tea, and… I did finally get out the door but not until nearly 11. And then I went to this great discount floors place near me and got lost in aisles and aisles of engineered hardwoods and bamboo and ceramic and…

Warehouses full of lovely discount fancy floors and cabinets smell like possibility. Did you know that? I didn’t. Breathe it in.

So anyway, that is my lame excuse for why I didn’t finish the shed roof today like I’d thought I would. Easy project, I thought. I’ll build that and then lay down some OSB subfloor so maybe I can get some real flooring in there. But no. This is how far I got.

shed roof real

The ledger board, the back of the braces anchored to the cinderblock, and one single rafter.

Mostly because I spent way too long trying to figure out if I had the angle right. Mathematically I did, but it somehow didn’t look right. I’d put up my one rafter, squint at the house, walk up and down the street and squint some more, and then take the rafter down and cut it at a slightly different angle and start the process over again. UGH. But I think I got it mostly right. Or close enough, anyway.

Then Josh showed up and demonstrated that the sharp end was directly at eye level to anyone not vertically challenged. Ouch. More fiddling and arguing and moving things up and down a quarter inch, cutting the angle to be less steep, etc., eventually just moving the whole ledger board up by 4″. DOUBLE UGH.

Then I got home and was like, oh no, maybe I should be matching the PORCH pitch instead of the ROOF pitch. Maybe it looks odd because I should really be matching the other random things sticking out from the sides of the house. So I mocked it up in Photoshop.

shed roof flat

Ha, ha. Nope.

We’ll keep it PG and say it looks like the house has a Pinocchio nose.

And I just now realized I could check the angle in Photoshop, too. By the simple expedient of drawing a line over the roofline and copy-and-pasting its twin over my rafter.

shed lines

Boo. Looks like I’m sliiiiiiiightly off. Do I care? Well, probably. Dang it.

I plan to go back tomorrow and get directly to work – and this time, I hope to have something to show for it by the end of the day!

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