Beach house #34 – OSB

I didn’t get any new hardwood flooring laid today, but I did finish the subfloor in the new TV room.



After replacing a bunch of the old joists and patching up the old subfloor, it looked even more scabrous. I could have just laid down felt paper and then hardwoods on top of it, but we had ripped out so many layers of flooring that this is now about 1 1/2″ lower than the rest of the house.

So to raise up these floors I had to first lay down some 3/4″ OSB subfloor. This will also even out the subfloor and add more stability.


This took an entire big box and a half of screws, you guys. I had to screw that sucker down at 6″ intervals all along the perimeter edges of each board, and then again at 8″ intervals throughout.

I was on my knees so long today that I actually wore holes in my jeans. HOLES. You owe me a $15 pair of Old Navy work jeans, little house. (My knees feel like they have holes in them, too.)

And I didn’t even get to the bathroom subfloor yet. Sigh. Truth be told, I mostly haven’t tackled that project because I’m nervous about removing the (old, broken, unattached) toilet pipe. It’ll have to come out sooner or later but it’s going to suck and I don’t wanna do it. Sigh.

But soon I get to start the flooring in here and in the other bedroom that had water damage. That generally goes pretty quickly and makes a big visual difference – I can’t wait.

2 Responses to “Beach house #34 – OSB”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ya know, they make kneepads for a reason….

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    lol! And I don’t put them on for the same reason I don’t put on gloves some days… Somehow it just doesn’t feel like I have the time. And then I regret it, every time!

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