Drywall Dust

Well, remember when I said that since Josh was gone I was entitled to a remodeling project? Well, originally I was just going to take off the closet doors and install cabinets in the laundry closet to make a pantry… but I find I just can’t let an easy thing stay easy. I’m going the whole way, baby! (And yes, once again I forgot to take true “before” pictures. What you see here is with the nasty old (1980! They’re as old as I am!) dented, rusted aluminum doors ripped off and with holes already in the drywall for the wiring – one of them patched up already, in fact.)

Since the whole kitchen is kind of dim, I’ve decided to install a new light fixture in there. So I got a four-arm track light system. This means, of course, that since there’s no light in there already I’ve had to rip out drywall and drill through studs to run new wiring. I spent an unfortunately long portion of last night trying to hammer in an outlet box for the switch – while cleverly avoiding busting the slender PVC pipe that happened to be too close to it in the wall. I’ve hung the ceiling junction box, and all the wiring is threaded and hooked up and ready to go; all I have to do to have a working light is repatch the drywall (first I have to cut out the outlines of the new boxes), tape it, spackle it, sand it, prime it, and paint it. And oh yeah, then I have to hang and hook up the actual light. -grin- (It’s kind of funny to realize how much work goes into hanging a new light: the attachment of the new light fixture will take about five minutes, but all the work leading up to it has taken about five full hours. Not even counting the time spent at Home Depot!).

Then I’m going to paint the sucker. I want a bright, warm, ballsy color (something I’d never have the guts to paint an entire room with). First I was thinking garnet, my new favorite color, but the rest of the kitchen is a pansy washed-out barely-there ice blue. So… in a very slight concession to color coordination I chose a bold rosy-flavored terra cotta called “Clay Dust” (I think). The color chip looked great; but the little dab they put on top of the can looks awfully pinkish in the existing kitchen light. (If you’re new to this blog, let me restate it for the record: I am NOT A FAN OF PINK). I’m hoping the bright track lights will bring the real terra cotta to the forefront. And if not, I figure that’s the nature of paint: to paint, right? So if it doesn’t look great, it’s only a quart’s worth, and we’ll get another color and paint right over it!

This is the process – the sweat and grunge and frustration – all leading up to a final, fantastic end product. This is what I love the most about home improvement projects. So on I go, hammer in my hand and drywall dust in my hair.

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