Beach house #35 – Yet more demo

I was joking when, a few posts back, I said I had thought we were done with demo. Why did I tempt fate? Look what we found on the sheathing in the newer section of the house.


That fuzzy gray stuff ain’t lint, folks.

Mold. Speckled across every single sheet of plywood. No black mold, thank goodness! But still mold. This is what has been making the house smell musty. I believe it was because there was no vapor barrier beyond unsealed felt paper between it and the particleboard used for siding – particleboard which had turned into a sponge over the intervening years and, far from protecting the plywood, was instead keeping it constantly moist. That, or condensation? I’m not sure why it only affected the plywood in the new section and not the wooden sheathing on the older part of the house – perhaps because the plywood was only 3/8 inch but the sheathing is 1″? – but thank goodness that’s true because I spent the last four days removing and replacing sheathing and let me tell you, that is not my idea of a fun time.

At least I had Josh to help me with the first couple of days. Man that was a big task. I might have given up if it was just me, on my own.


We pulled down so much nasty junk that we might need another (fourth!) dumpster.

It took all weekend, but we got two out of four sections done. Saturday was the biggest part:


It looks so clean!

One section done, four to go…



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