Beach house 36 – Moar sheathing

Sunday Josh and I tackled the west side of the addition.

So many colors of crappy old second-hand disintegrating asphalt-covered particleboard.

Here’s a great idea: let’s take glorified sawdust panels that are already crumbling from moisture damage, wrap them in another layer of mostly waterproof material like a saran wrapped sandwich, and hide the whole mess under asbestos tiles. Surely that won’t result in any mold problems.


In the junction between the old house and new, we found this:


GAH. That was horrifying. Million-year-old mouse nest, gross. At least we got it cleaned out and it’s not there any more. (I took down the wall to the left, along with that old section of roof, the next day). And look at the funny old shingles I found inside the attic, where the old roof had just been left as it was when they built the addition:


I couldn’t get a good photo but they’re sort of diamond-shaped, which is cool. I wonder when they stopped making those. And it looks like the original shingles underneath were emerald green. Huh! Especially interesting given that we think one of the earliest house colors was a bright turquoise.


Yay, finished! Josh left me to finish up after he tore down the last of the old plywood. I was able to lift whole sheets by myself by putting a couple screws halfway into the wall exactly 8′ below the top plate, sticking out like pegs. Then I could hoist the sheet up onto them and use them as a ledge while I positioned the sheet right and left and finally screwed it in at the corners. Nailing will have to come later.

After the weekend, it was up to me to do the rest on my own. Each additional section took me a day, which was frustrating since they were smallish (10-12 feet). And I always seem to think I can get stuff done in 2-3 hours that actually takes a whole day.


Hello street! Hello passerby!

But the walls look so much nicer now, so much cleaner. And it already smells better in there, which is gratifying.


Still so much left to do…

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