Beach house 37 – Free flooring, anyone?

You guys, I am so excited. Look what I scored on my most recent trip to Second Chance.


That’s 12 whole boxes (20sf each) of brand-new in-box solid hardwood flooring. Each one of these would retail for around $75-$100 at any big-box store.

Guess how much I paid? Never mind, you’ll never guess.

Seven dollars each. SEVEN DOLLARS, GUYS. That’s $84 for 240 square feet of solid oak.

Did I mention they were brand-new? In-box? Some are lightly finished with a clear coat, some are unfinished. Since we have to refinish all the floors anyway, I don’t really care. SEVEN DOLLARS! Recycling just saved me about $1,000. Heck yeah.

And here’s the first box, being put to good use.





Ooh, purty.


Goodbye, worst of the water damage.

2 Responses to “Beach house 37 – Free flooring, anyone?”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Congratulations on your find.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:


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