Beach house 38 – In which I flood the floors with concrete

So after the construction guys finished replacing joists, the new subfloor didn’t match up with the old. The last time he was here my carpenter pointed out that there was now a big dip in the middle of the bathroom floor –  almost a full inch! While it didn’t stand out terribly, there was simply no way we could put flooring over that and not have it crack or separate. And you just can’t put more plywood over a gap like that and hope it stays – it won’t. Not for all the shims in the world.

Which meant there was one solution – and it involved me getting to play with self-leveling underlayment.

I covered every single crack in the floor with duct tape and then mixed up a whole bag with 5 quarts of water in a 5-gallon pail. I had to bring the water from home in a 7-gallon jug, since we still have no plumbing of any kind.

Then I just…. poured it on the floor.

Yes, I will admit to some trepidation.

I had just spent a huge enormous unspeakable sum of money to solve damage caused by moisture (and termites, but they came because of the moisture). And then I poured like 5 gallons of soupy concrete onto that newly-repaired floor. And I had to do that twice.


It worked a lot better the second time, once I realized that the concrete would set slower if the dry floor weren’t sucking water out of it. So I splashed around a great deal with a mason jar full of jug-water and then used a broom I didn’t care about too much to smear/mop that water all around until the floor was evenly moist. The broom worked great once the concrete was poured, too, being used in place of a giant squeegee to gently coax the leveler to spread out into a nice feathered edge.

As soon as it dries it’ll be ready for some lovely new subfloor and concrete board! Well, as soon as I figure out what to do with that daggum old toilet flange, anyway.

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