Beach house #39 – New bathroom window

Did I tell you I found a window for free?

I knew I needed a new bathroom window because the window that was in the bathroom before, let into the porch. I thought that was a kind of weird arrangement… and really put a crimp in my plans to put the laundry in the porch. I had wanted to use the window I had, but it was far too wide for the bit of wall that remained¬†outside the porch. So I needed a new window.


I was fretting up and down the aisles in Home Depot when I found a window with no price tag or corresponding area. When I asked, it turned out to be a window that they no longer sell. Plus it was missing the bottom sash. So they offered it to me for free since they were going to put it in the garbage. Then the department manager, whom I’d been chatting with, figured out that she could get a replacement lower sash through Anderson’s warranty program!

It was just the right size, too. 24″ wide, just a bitty little thing.


Of course …. now what it means is that there’s a window in the shower. :(


But even though the window is smaller, there’s more light coming in now.


This is the very first window I’ve done by myself start to finish. It was so much easier than I’d thought, though I’m still not great at doing trim.


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