Beach house #41 – Starting on the back

Ugh, you guys, I had been dreading working on the back porch for so long. Putting it off because frankly, it was out of my comfort zone – WAY out of my comfort zone.


I can’t believe I didn’t get a better “before” picture, but the amount of termite damage rivaled what we found on the front porch. Remember?


Well, maybe not quite that bad. But still not good.

I was putting this off because in order to replace the support posts on either side, I was going to have to first jack up the whole roof.

Josh was super encouraging.

life insurance text

He asked me to remind him what company our life insurance policy was with.

In the end, it turned out to just not be that big of a deal. I got a $19 jack from Lowe’s and built a sort of doubled up stud/ram thing that reached the roof. I hacked out enough base plate to enable the jack to sit firmly on concrete, and then I just started cranking that lever til the 4×4 beam raised up about one inch from the top of the posts.


Easy as pie. Or box-mix brownies. Or something else that’s easy, because pie really isn’t all that easy. Delicious, though.

Mmmm, pie.


So yeah, that’s what happened as soon as I gave the newly-freed post a few good whacks. Fun times.

The bottom was easy – practically nothing there but a single skinny, rusted-out bolt, and the wood was so rotted that it just disintegrated. The top though, was held in place by what I swear were tent stakes. The sawzall made quick work of those, though, and then a little bit of work later…


Voila. A proper anchor, complete with base plate that will prevent future termite infiltration.


And a new, pressure treated post.

Yay for not-falling-down-houses! And for not collecting life insurance!

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