Beach house #42 – Arsonist squirrels

Once the posts were replaced, all I had to do was remove the moldy sheathing and the studs that had rot problems.


But before I could tackle replacing the base and top plates, I had to remove the ceiling panels. First step, take down light fixture.


Hmmmmm. The porch light had been connected to the ceiling by two screws. The wiring, though – well, that wasn’t connected to anything at all.

So I looked up:


Huh. No junction box. Nothing. There were, however, two naked, unconnected, loose, live wires.

And… straw? So I took down the rest of the ceiling panels and:



Damn squirrels. You guys, even after those panels were torn out and thrown in the dump it smells so bad like pee out there. In the open air. UGH. (See the wires coming in from the left, lovingly nestled into that mess of incredibly-dry straw?)

…Maybe the squirrels that build that straw nest were trying to help me burn the place down?



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