One more wall finished (Beach house #43)

Once the ceiling panels were gone, swapping out the plates & rotted studs didn’t take that long.

The sheathing did, though. I used reclaimed exterior-grade plywood from Second Chance and it was heavy. 1″ might not seem like that much, but a full 8′ sheet of 1″ plywood is pretty much impossible for me to lift. I slid and tilted and pivoted and flopped them all the way up the hill to where I could chop them in half with the circular saw.

And they were STILL a huge pain in the butt and took me FOREVER. Hence the nighttime shot when I was halfway done and finally gave up and went home.


But! Once they were up we were ready to rock and roll.


Oh, man. New sheathing (even new-old sheathing) looks so nice and neat on a building, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (Dang it, I wish I would have gotten a “before” picture.)

I replaced the door that was there before with the now-obsolete first front door (that had been one-upped by a much nicer one that I found on clearance at HD). And I installed my second window ever!


You guys that thing weighs about 35 pounds, which doesn’t sound like much, but just picture standing on a stepladder and hoisting it up over your head while holding it just by the bottom and praying that it doesn’t tip over and smash down around the top of your head like a necklace of gory, gory death. And of stupidity. That too.


But I got it in! I even managed to save the moulding from before so I wouldn’t have to do my own mitered corner cuts. Hooray! Miter cuts suck and I hate them with a hate that shines like fire! Yay!

I tore down the old nasty cardboard siding from the back wall along with a bunch of termite-rotted sheathing boards. Because these were about 1″ thick and I only had 5/8″ plywood on hand, I had to shim out all the studs so the surface would be at least approximately flush. Flush enough, anyway, to attach future panelling or drywall or whatever.


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