The porch that never ends (Beach house #44)

Side wall of back porch finished: Check. (except for removing the doggie door, which will have to come later).

Back wall of back porch finished: Check. No caveats. Yay!

Other side wall of back porch… well, damn.


That there wall is definitely not framed to code. No way, no how. The whole thing had to come down. Along with the rafter above it, which is the other thing I had been dreading and putting off forever.

That rafter was so rotted that I couldn’t even use a sawzall to cut it free, because the nails in it just flapped around in the sawdust-like wood. After jacking up the roof near it to relieve pressure on it, I got out a hammer and I swear it took only maybe 5 strokes for the entire thing to come crumbling down.

It crumbled into so many pieces that I had a hard time fitting them together again later to provide a template for the new rafter!

Guys, 2x8x10-foot boards are freaking heavy. That thing was hands-down the hardest thing that I personally have yet had to do on this house – and I sure didn’t expect it to be. But it took me three full hours to get it in place – three hours of sweating and grunting and swearing. I had to drill screws into the opposite post at 9″ intervals so I could ratchet the rafter up them one by one, wedging pivoting it on the end that goes into the house.

But I got it done!


Even though it made me feel like a total wimp. Didn’t help that it probably would have taken like ten minutes if I’d had someone to help! :) But my go-to guy charges $500/day (he brings a team) and things are especially tight right now, so I had to suck it up.


Woot! Now time to move on to the inside.

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