And now for something completely different (Beach house #45)

With the back porch pretty much ready for the siders, it was time to move inside and get things ready for the trades to be able to come in!

First, the plumbers. Let’s get those bathrooms ready!

Here’s the original bathroom. Pay no attention to the toilet: it’s not actually attached to anything. And the water line feeding it has been leaking for about 50 years and completely rotted out the floors and joists beneath. Details, details.


This is what it looked like from the living room, while we were fixing the wall between it and the bedroom.


And later, working on the subfloor:


So in order to extend the bathroom up to the edge of the new bedroom hallway, I had a lot of stuff to get rid of.


A LOT of stuff.


And that pile there is just from the floors.

It wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be to pull up. I had been expecting sheets of plywood , I suppose, but get this – it was planks. The original hardwood flooring! 3 or 4 inch wide pine. Unfortunately they were covered with a thick layer of black adhesive and topped what I have to assume were asbestos linoleum tiles. Those tiles have to have been the reason that the current oak floor was just laid down over the top – nobody wants to deal with asbestos removal.


Finally got it all clean! Now the fun starts!

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