Bathrooms taking shape (Beach house #46)

First to put down the subfloors:



I had to install blocking between the rafters in order to erect the wall between the bathrooms. I also had to remove the now-obsolete attic stairs and replace the joist that they had interrupted – that was not a fun morning. But it got done.


I was using the cement boards – which are exactly 60″, the length of a tub – to make double-sure that my walls stayed exactly the same length apart. I added another 1/4″ to give the plumbers room enough to slightly maneuver the tub into place.

And the front wall goes up! Before I built the walls I had to first mark out the vanities, tub/shower, and toilets to make sure that I didn’t inadvertently put a stud right where the plumbing needed to be.


It was so lucky that the front wall goes exactly behind that beam. I was really worried for a minute that I’d have to cut into the beam in some way – but all I had to do was remove the quarter-round on one side and it’s going to fit perfectly into place.

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