Color coordination (Beach house #47)

If I’m picking out tile, the end is in sight!

The bathroom has been framed and the plumber’s going to let us know when he can come out next week. Time to prepare for when he’s gone!

Dreaming of the day when the bathrooms are ready to be tiled, I went to my local tile/flooring wholesale place this past weekend. I brought Sofía, half to get her opinion and half because I didn’t want her to sit at home all day playing video games – and she was amazing y’all. Nine years old, and the child already has a sense of style.

I mean, I didn’t always agree with her – I can only pray she some day outgrows her love of sparkles – but it’s thanks to her that we settled on the final color scheme that we did. I gave her a choice of three different 12×12 field tiles and she chose this gray one. She also insisted on the river pebbles for the shower pan, and the herringbone marble for the backs of the shower/bath niches. So I guess this is more or less her own creation:


“MOM. We can leave here with whatever but you are NOT ALLOWED to leave without that herringbone!” (Yes, really. She was adamant. She also had very strong opinions about tumbled travertine.)

We tried various other combinations, for instance with subway tile up the sides of the alcoves instead (the wood pieces are trim from the Beach House in order to verify color coordination):


Or with a darker tile for the alcove instead of the same tile:


But in the end we just went ahead with our original picks. It’s bigger tile which means it’s simpler and less time-consuming than doing two full alcoves in subway tiles. We’re going to use a dark grey grout.

Sofía seemed very proud of herself. But also very bored by that point, since it took us like two full hours.

The best part? The tile was all on clearance from the wholesaler which means I got this tile for an absolutely ridiculous price – about half what I’d been budgeting back when I was looking at Lowe’s bottom-of-the-line tiles. And that’s even with some natural stone included so it’s going to look super high-end! Are you kidding me?? I ran out of there FAST so they couldn’t call me back and tell me they made a mistake.

I’m getting excited!

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