Bathroom framing done (Beach house #48)

The plumber visited today! Just to make his materials list, but… it means we’re getting close to the finish line!

The bathroom framing is all done. I mean, it had ALREADY been done…. until we decided to flip around the back bathroom at the last minute.

This is what it looked like before:

bathrooms current

The TV room – which could be used as a bedroom but is probably the last choice – is an odd place to have a full bath. So we flipped it horizontally so that the back bedroom is now the master. This lets us maintain the TV room as a flex space – dining room, den, or if necessary, bedroom. This is what it looks like now:

bathrooms changed

(The people on the couch in the front room are there to see what it would look like if someone did decide to put their couch there instead.)

So I had to rip out all the previous framing I had done in the master bathroom and flip it all around. It only took Sunday afternoon so I shouldn’t be complaining.

Looking into the bathroom entrance from the master bedroom:


The bathroom layout from the doorway:


In order to get the extra space to have two bathrooms, I had to move the  bedroom doorways down and put them off a little mini-hallway. Which is also done. Looking into the hallway from the master bedroom:


All the framing that I have left to do is an extra closet in the master. I had wanted to leave a little alcove for a dresser instead, but the closet in there was really small even for just one person. No way it would work for a couple. So that’s on tomorrow’s agenda. And then I should be DONE with all the framing!


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