First Harvest

This was my first big harvest from the Patch a week or so ago.

I got perhaps six cups of peas out of that batch… by the end I was sitting there with blistering thumbs thinking “Now why did I plant shelling peas, again? Who thought shelling them all would be romantic?” They did have a delightful flavor, though I wish I had harvested them earlier as most of them were pretty starchy. Taco really loved them… J, not so much. Ah, well.

The carrots were fantastic though. They were a half-long variety, so that’s as long as they’re liable to get. A bit too strongly wild carrot flavored to eat raw (like they had all the flavor of a big carrot, concentrated in their little bitty selves!), they were soooo good steamed. I didn’t have quite enough for a full batch so I added in some regular ole organic carrots we had already, even though I was worried about my home-growns getting lost. I shouldn’t have worried. It turned out to be a good contrast in terms of color and flavor, as my carrots became bright yellow and retained some body, while the storebought carrots stayed characteristic carrot-orange and got softer. Tossed with a bit of butter, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, we wished there were more ready to harvest.

The turnips we haven’t eaten yet, but they’ll keep.

Next year I think I’ll plant more carrots and less peas.

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