Little basement jewel (BH #50)

Making one thing pretty at a time. I refinished that basement door!

I used citristrip, an environmentally-friendly stripper that works really well, especially on water-based paints. Glopped it on and the paint bubbled right up after ten minutes or so. It was super easy to scrape off. After all the remaining goop was washed off and the remaining surface was sanded and wiped clean, a nice coat of metal primer went on easily.



I got new hardware along with an entirely new door glass from Zabitat for about $65. Better than $200+ for a new half-glass metal door. I also had to get a new bottom for it since the old one was rusted out.

The glass and grille went in like a dream, just perfectly. I followed the metal primer with two coats of this gorgeous peacock color:


(Oops, forgot to take the painter’s tape off the doorknob before taking this shot.)

This color (it’s more greenish in person) has been my favorite color for years and years. It’s also the color of the front door on the house where I grew up, and I love it.

So while the house sits there sadly losing whole sheets of its old tar paper and looking like an absolute wreck…


At least the door is pretty!

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