Progress inside (BH #53)

I should have mentioned that I made some progress on the inside as well before starting the painting outside. In fact, the painting outside was pretty well timed because after I finished all this work here, the electricians took over and I was without power entirely. They’re supposed to finish all their work at the beginning of next week, but in the mean time the house is so full of wires hanging from the ceiling and poking out from the walls that it looks like it’s been disemboweled.

I had to finish up all the framing before they could get in there to do their thing. And the last bit of framing that hadn’t been done yet was – ta-da! – the kitchen.


I got some beefy guys to help me move in the appliances (all from Second Chance) so I could better judge layout. The short wall right here is the breakfast bar, and you’re looking at the back of the dishwasher. The fridge isn’t in quite the right spot – too close to the stove – but you get the idea.


The wall at the far end is the backsplash for the counter that runs along there. I accidentally made it about 2 inches too tall, and decided that I didn’t have time to lower it down. The difference in its height influences nothing, but it bothers me nonetheless.  Oh well – I had to get out of there so the electricians could start. After waiting two months for them to arrive, I didn’t want to have to reschedule over a matter of two inches!

It’s pretty cool to see it all taking shape for real.

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