Outside… so close! (BH #55)

Oooh boy! I’ve been waiting for this post for EVER!!! While the inside of the house is still a skeleton with its guts hanging out, the outside looks…. so much closer to finished! I still have to replace the old fence, stain the deck and finish its trim and handrail, pour a new cement walkway and resurface the gravel driveway. But the house itself is nearly done! Done enough for some light celebration, anyway.

Ready for some slightly-premature before-and-afters?





And I just realized there’s a little more (invisible) work on the roof to get done. As well as placing new house numbers. AND repairing and painting the front steps and cinderblock edging around the deck. AND power-washing the stone wall.

Oh lord. Now I’m wondering if I should even publish this at all. GAH! Every time I think I’m nearly there…. UGH!

One Response to “Outside… so close! (BH #55)”

  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    It’s coming together so nicely!!

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