All but one (BH #56)

Guess what we got this past week?



Well, sort of. There’s only one outlet actually connected. And no lights yet. Those get put in after drywall. But still – the grunt work is done.

And plumbing!


Hooray for toilet flanges!

Just like with the electrical, the stuff has only been “roughed in” which means that none of it is actually connected to the power/water sources yet, but the inspector can see how it is all hooked up before the walls get closed in.

But look! A bathtub!


Whew, I even measured the framing correctly! This is the original, cast-iron bathtub, which is in pretty darn good shape. A couple dings and some discoloration – it will be fairly easy to spiff up.

And … what’s that?


Is that an air register I see? Why, YES! We even have a heating/AC system in place now!

Unlike everything else, all the HVAC is finished and ready to go except that we don’t have quite enough electricity to (reliably) run it at this point – it might crap out if the emergency heat has to kick on. (Well, and not to mention that we have zero insulation pretty much so we’d just be heating the outdoors at this point.)

We’re waiting for the “heavy-up” service to upgrade us to 200 amps. And that part happens in the power company’s own sweet time…on like December 18th. IF it doesn’t rain. Good gravy, I hope they bump up our power before we get water in those pipes and I HAVE to turn the heat on.

Look, we even got stickers for being so good!


Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits passed. Now for the framing inspection – and that’s the one I’m really nervous about since there’s so much weird framing in this house!


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