Dressed up for Christmas (BH #57)

Josh suggested back in October that I tart up the house for Christmas, run some lights out there, etc. I dismissed the idea, partly because I was hoping we wouldn’t be working in there long enough to make the Christmas lights worth putting up and then taking down again (HA, so much for that), and partly because… well, we don’t have electricity.


However I was at Michael’s the other day and everything Christmas is like 50-70% off. So I saw these $5 wreaths and a spool of $8 ribbon and thought… why not? I can’t do math but it all came out to about $12ish.


It’s not blingy or sparkly but it does look festive.

Someone stopped by the other day and said good job, it actually looks like a home now. That’s nice to hear. I still want to print and pin up a giant poster-sized “Before” pic, though!

Did you notice anything about the deck by the way? Perhaps something about the posts and columns?


How about those handrails, eh? How ’bout those GORGEOUS post caps and bases? 😀 Yup, finally finished them. Took me a few days. Whew! I had been putting them off FOREVER.


^- Pic from halfway through. Making these was… not the most fun I have ever had.

Precision work is not super enjoyable for me. Especially when mostly working blind, on top of a teetery ladder or clambering on deck railings swinging heavy nail guns, hanging out over the street with one arm wrapped desperately around a column while trying to nail blindly into the opposite side of the post. With numb fingers and wood glue in my hair. Getting stabbed in the ear by the long ends of the clamps.


Worth it? I think so. (Sofía says it still looks like a trash house, but I think she is just being a butt because she is grumpy, and nine, and wants me to stop taking pictures of the house and just go home already so she can play video games instead of always hanging out here, mom, it’s so boring.)


Also, I’m not 100% sure that I’ll leave the middle post base column tucked behind the deck skirt like that – from this angle you can’t even tell that it’s there. Facing the steps it’s obvious, but from the street it looks a little funny to me. But to redo it I’d have to take down all the railings and change up the connectors and cut the railings down to size etc… ugh! Too many projects!

4 Responses to “Dressed up for Christmas (BH #57)”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Can you raise the porch ceiling fan? It is blocking the window and looks like it can be walked into.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    A couple people have mentioned that. It’s at the perfect height for sitting in chairs looking at the water, but it’s only about seven feet off the floor and feels a little claustrophobic. Since one of the workmen broke off one of the blades, it now has to be replaced… so, yes. I plan to. :)

  3. Susan Alexander Says:

    It looks so pretty!!

  4. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Thank you! :)

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