Concrete (BH #59)

On a day that wasn’t 12 degrees (in fact it was a miraculous 65! Thanks, global warming!) I finally got all the concrete poured on the outside. Our busted up old cracked disintegrating half-sidewalk (it fell 13 feet short of the driveway and 10 feet short of the mailbox) was jackhammered away before I even arrived.



I used JA & Sons Landscaping and I am glad I did. These guys worked late into the night – it was dark before they left – and they bent over backwards to make sure that I could see the final product before I left for vacation, squeezing me into their schedule two days ahead of time. They were careful to ok all the final formwork with me in every detail and pointed out several problems – and clever solutions! – that I had missed. They did a great job.




They poured the next day while I was staining the deck and the transformation was incredible.


Ignore that very last ugly patch of concrete where it meets the driveway. That’s going to be covered deep in gravel and will never show. Seriously though, check out the difference:



They were careful (with no prompting) to pour the new basement door area about an inch lower than the basement door threshold. Before it had been the opposite and so, obviously, we used to have water problems every time it rained.

And that’s not all….


I had them finish up the basement as well. Where previously there was nothing but sand, now there is floor:



Goodbye, old rotten oil tank! (Thanks, Craigslist.)

And thanks, JA & Sons!

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