Repairs set in stone (BH #60)

I did a bit more repair work outside while I could and patched up a couple more odds and ends.

I repaired the worst of the crack in the stones against the front porch, which involved digging out a lot of dirt and resetting a lot more loose stones than I’d thought.


And then I realized that now that the really bad parts are fixed, the middle (which looked nonexistent before!) now looks … well, really bad.



Sigh. That might have to wait til Spring.

Oh, I also finally got the old hole on the front wall – where the oil pipe deposit used to poke out – stuffed full of concrete. I’ll take an angle grinder to it soon and even it out a bit before I paint it:


And that white bar across the steps is holding in a few substantial patches, where BIG chunks of the stair nose had been knocked off in a few places. (But of course I didn’t take a before photo so you’ll just have to believe me.) I had to drill in a dozen or so concrete screws before I poured in the concrete patch material, and since I didn’t take off the form before I left I’m fairly anxious about the final result.

Wish I’d gotten the steps and deck wall painted before the weather turned from 65 to 12…

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