Birthday Bleah.

So poor Josh got sent overseas for three weeks, starting this Monday. He’s not that bummed about it, despite the 24-hour plane ride, because he gets to go to someplace exotic with his fancy-pants new camera (though his new beefy tripod was too big to fit in his suitcase, so he had to take the older, “cheap” only-$100 one). But even if he’s not bummed, I am. I had to put on a happy face while he was here – since he didn’t have any choice in the matter – but now that he’s gone, I can say it loud and clear. Being without Josh sucks.

I’m not used to being single any more. It’s kind of neat when I think “I should be getting home, it’s almost dinnertime” and then I think, “wait, I don’t have to make dinner, there’s no one there, I can just eat whenever I want, there’s leftovers!” It’s also pretty neat that I can watch as many chick flicks as I want and get shamelessly weepy at them. It’s pretty neat that since Josh is gone I get free license to do a remodeling project – busy hands stop languishing, after all – and so I’m going to remodel the kitchen laundry closet into a pantry. (Remind me to take some “before” pictures this time).

Despite all those little perks, though, there’s one big downer (besides the whole obvious Josh Being Gone thing). And it’s not even really that after you’ve watched ten chick flicks in a row, you realize they all have not only the same plot, but that all their scripts – all of them – must have been written by a “team” that consisted of a single set of Siamese twins. It’s not that I’m afraid that I might go hardware-crazy and blow out our entire budget on wildly fanciful remodeling projects (we need a garbage disposal in the ceiling! I will vinyl tile the walls! Cabinets in the floor! Think of the possibilities!) The big downer is – drumroll please – that life without Josh is boring. Yes, even the cats are bored – I know first-hand, because I was kept awake ALL NIGHT by their wrestling (they just had to do it all on top of the bed, didn’t they?)

I made up a list of projects that I’ve gotten halfway through, and the list is embarrassing. It really is. (Josh thought the other day that he might want to knit me an Ipod sock, so I showed him my stash of yarn. Not even the whole thing – only three bags of it. He was aghast and ran back downstairs. I found him quivering in a corner, whimpering that he thought it might be contagious and that he wanted nothing to do with yarn of any kind, ever.)

Speaking of my new iPod and what I shall henceforth term The Assault Against Boredom (TAAB for short), it rocks! Since Josh will be missing both my birthday (-grr-) and the cat’s birthdays (-grr-) and Thanksgiving (-GRR-) we celebrated my birthday all weekend long. He got me my Southern Gardens book from my wishlist, which we promptly cracked open only to learn that we probably really shouldn’t have planted birch trees on the slope out back after all -oops-. (It’s going to be such a great reference guide: it has everything, pests, disease, vegetables, annuals, trees, perennials, gardens by area nation-wide, etc.) We went punkin’ pickin’ and carved scary jackolanterns. And we got a big sushi lunch right before he went to the airport. All considered, a good birthday weekend. Even though I would totally trade my iPod for three more weeks of Josh.

TAAB isn’t over yet, though: come November 9th, I’ve got a salon appointment to get my hair dyed purple.

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