Rocking on (Beach house #65)

I got to play with Durock cement board a bit today. It was pretty rewarding actually – not difficult, I didn’t make any bad cuts, and everything fit into place nice and neat. Not bad for a first time ever.


By the end of the week (my new deadline for tile prep), I need to have those boards cemented down with Thinset and screwed down with the special cement screws I bought.

I even got to start rocking in the shower, the very last part that needs to be done!


I wasted some time re-framing the shower niche after I realized that if I raised the top by just a couple inches, taking into account the thickness of the cement board and the tiles themselves and the cool marble threshold I want to use as a lip/ledge on the bottom, I should be able to avoid cutting any awkward rectangles out of the surrounding 12×12 tiles. (At least, I hope I measured that right.) It looks really tall in the photo but it’ll be just a standard 12×24 when finished.

My plan is to have the cement boards up and taped tomorrow, and the shower pan poured by Friday or Saturday. If I do then I’m on schedule to start tiling next week, and painting the week after that!

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