Waterproofed – adventures in rubber paint (Beach house #67)

I was so confused for so long when people would talk about a “waterproof membrane.” I thought it was some kind of plastic sheeting or something until I realized it was painted on. How cool is that? It’s like this rubber/plastic paint. It goes on like normal with brush and roller, but it’s thick as peanut butter.

Every brand has their own color. I went with Lowe’s.


It’s yellow. Like a raincoat. I like it.

I also bought fiberglass mesh tape – which, for extra confusion, is also called waterproofing membrane.

 That got smooshed with nice sticky layers of paint on both sides and carefully pushed into all the corners and edges, and even along where the tub/shower curb meet the floor, and especially in all the corners of the shampoo niches.

Then two layers of the rubber paint membrane, one applied horizontally and one vertically, with plenty of time to cure in between coats, and voila!


A rubber ducky shower.

I thought it looked kind of thin until later when I had to try to change part of it and it was really hard to cut with a boxcutter. It was like a shell of hard plastic. I was a bit skeptical before but I’m a believer now.


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