99% tile (Beach house #69)

So close! Only the shower curb left to do. I’d have gotten it finished today if I hadn’t had to stop twice during the day and make two separately 40 minute round trips – one for a single extra box of tile and one for a single extra bag of LASH clips. I hate so muuuuuuuuuch when that happens.

GAAAAAH. I get so focused. It’s ridiculously hard to tear myself away while something is still not quite finished. But the school bus delays its schedule for no man, and I should probably make an effort not to make my kids stand out shivering in the cold just because I wanted to fit a few more tiles. Tempting though it may be.


So clooooooooooose! Just the side bottom tub tiles to do!


I am a big fan of the running bond (brick) pattern. But I spent way too long trying to figure out a perfect, elegant way of lining up the tiles so that both the toilet flange and the air vent would end up on tile seams, which would mean I could avoid plunge cuts, while lining everything else up perfectly too… I failed.

I will never be able to not stare loathingly at that one thin little strip in the front. Oops.

Things are not all bad though. Carlos had given me anxiety attacks by saying that the 13×13 tile would look stupid on the shower walls. (My idea had been to have less grout to clean. I HATE CLEANING GROUT.)

I think it looks fantastic.



4 Responses to “99% tile (Beach house #69)”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Yes, Carlos. Shut Up.

    On vacation is when I first saw 12 inches by 18 inches in the shower. I was like. Wow, looks good and whole lot less grout. My new house has huge tiles which makes me happy about the shower.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Yes! I hate cleaning grout!!!

  3. Helene Says:

    Pareidolia Something I enjoy doing while staring at the ceramic tiles in my house. There are so many pictures I can put together from random markings I can entertain myself waiting at the airport. Some times I wonder if, maybe, the pictures I see were actually drawn in and scuffed up to make the pattern in the ceramic tiles. They are so perfect. Yeh, what the hell am I talking about It’s the minds ability to see faces, or in my case, all kinds of things, in random patterns like floorboards pieces of toast, potato chips dirty windows. I can see tree branches turn into faces and figures One of my favorites, and I took a picture, was in an old hotel. As I was sitting on the toilet one of the tiles had the perfect image of a screening ghost staring at me as I sat there. My roommate had not noticed it until I pointed it out. She was spooked after that. I have old pareidolia friends that I look for in the floors of friends houses. Am I crazy? Not as crazy as the kooks who turn stains on walls, and waffles that resemble Jesus into sacred objects, and then open their homes to the masses of believers. 5+

  4. Julie Says:

    Big tiles are in now. Our shower that was put in last year is big tiles – not 13×13, they’re more rectangular, but still. I think it’s a good look.

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