Cabinets in! (Beach house #71)

Huh, post #71. I wonder if I’ll get the house finished before post #100? I’m going to close my eyes and cross my fingers and wish for yes.

Meanwhile, cabinets!


We worked Saturday afternoon and got all the wall cabinets in. The color comes pretty close to matching the beams, like I’d hoped.

Ta da!


We were very, very proud of ourselves. (The beams are not really this dark. I don’t know why they look that way in photos.)

Then… then I realized I’d put in a 15″ right in the middle where the 18″ was supposed to go. So I had to take the last three down, move them over, switch out the weenie one, and put them back up. And then I realized that I’d put them all up 6″ too far left and I had to take them all down – every single one – and put them up again. By myself.

Got it all done in one day though. And I bet I have pretty strong arms now because they were quivering by the end of the day.

The bottom cabinets took me another few days, not because cabinets are difficult to install – they aren’t, as long as you don’t make stupid mistakes like I did – but because I could not figure out the wonky floors. No matter what I did, how much I shimmed, they were always off in one direction or other. I ended up taking my level and using it to draw a line from one side of the kitchen to the other, where it ended up hovering a good 5/8″ above the tops of the base cabinets I had already installed.

So I took them all apart again and got a stud and started ripping 5/8″ strips off it, knowing I’d have to raise the floor just like I had to in the TV room. Then something occured to me…

and I used my laser level.

And the cabinets had been perfect to begin with.

My level was totally off the entire time. The level itself is aluminum, but the bubble part is attached with screws… which had come loose.

So, I had to go put the cabinets all back together again which involved much swearing…


But I got them all in just in time for the countertop templater to come and make his template.

Of course, I’d forgotten to buy a kitchen sink first though so now I need to remember to fax the model number to them before they can actually install the dang counter!

So embarrassing, the whole thing. So glad it’s done. Though it’s really cool to see it come to life! A real, honest to goodness kitchen.

Electrical trim-out is scheduled for next week, so we’ll have lights too! (As long as I can remember to buy brackets for all the second-hand lights that I bought from Second Chance. One of the electricians pointed out that they don’t actually have anything with which to attach them to the boxes…. doh!)

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  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    Yay, it’s looking so lovely!!!

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