Working upstairs (Beach House #72)

The upper half of the house is getting so close to being finished. I got the vanity cabinets installed yesterday, and the recycled medicine cabinets screwed in.



And it’s been painted, for the most part! Still haven’t done the closets though, and there’s a lot of edging yet to do.


I chose this sort of warm, light-grey paint that I’d used and loved in our own house, but up on these walls it’s looking a bit more beigey. :(


Doors are in too, and just waiting on final trim.


I’ve got to hang the giant sliding door to the TV room, which you can see to the right in the photo above. First I have to change up the framing a bit, as the opening is a bit too tall. Then I need to case it in drywall and paint it, since I won’t be able to once the door is hung.

I still need to case the closet openings so I can hang the closet doors, and the next huge task is refinishing the floors. Then all the baseboards and window trim and we are practically finished! UPstairs, at least…

2 Responses to “Working upstairs (Beach House #72)”

  1. Sam Says:

    I love the beams. This whole project has been wonderful and soothing for me for some reason, thank you for sharing so much of it.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Heh I’m glad it’s been soothing for SOMEONE! Ha ha just kidding… sort of. :) But I am glad you’re enjoying it.

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