Just sent this email a day or two ago – Josh suggested that I post it here. :)

Hi all,

After juggling seventeen phone calls, two recalcitrant websites, paying an outlandish sum for an essentially free electronic document, and struggling with a high-maintenance baby DETERMINED to 1) drink hand sanitizer, 2) chew on a tape dispenser, and 3) open the diaper pail and play inside, I have successfully requested our HOA documents. Victory!

Almost. Ken, apparently they’ll email me a confirmation and then once they do I can either access it online to download (I’m thinking I can just give you my username and password and you can do it from your computer) or I can call them and THEN have them email it to you. Talk about labyrinthine.

In the mean time, here I stand, a phone in one hand, laptop in the other, one foot on the diaper pail, fending a child off with my other knee while she chews vigorously on my ankles. Ah, motherhood. :/

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